The Guitar Lounge

The Guitar Lounge was inspired by the forgotten days of the barbershop quartet. Music used to be a central theme of the American barbershop. Norman Rockwell’s painting titled Shuffleton’s Barbershop shows four men jamming on instruments in the back of a barbershop and is the epitome of this era.

Sole Patch hosts privately sponsored, acoustic music events in the Guitar Lounge. These are invitation only events which combine a sponsor with an up-and-coming artist. If you are interested in either performing for a group of VIP patrons, or you would like to sponsor an event for 40 of your closest friends, please contact us. It’s the perfect setting for one of the richest evenings you’ll experience.

The Lounge is also used for Groomsmen events on the wedding day. While some of the guys are getting shaves, the rest are relaxing with drinks, movies, and cards. The Lounge is also used by clients during business hours to play a riff or two while they wait.

Guitar Lounge